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Born in the sea.
Raised by the waves.
Forever Rooted.

Zee is a streetwear brand born and raised in Egypt. From Casablanca to Cairo, from the Algiers to Alexandria, Zee is a cosmopolitan street and footwear brand focused on shifting the tides on how people see fashion.

Born and bred in the streets of Egypt, ZEE encapsulates the cosmopolitan allure of Umm el Dounia while paying homage to its rich history and intangible heritage. Drawing inspiration from the sandy earth tones of the desert and the azure blues of the Mediterranean, the homegrown brand fused together global streetwear trends with local motifs and patterns for their latest collection. Embracing dynamic designs, ZEE’s new ‘ROOTED’ collection is a daring plunge into the uncharted territories of fashion—bringing a wealth of revolutionary concepts to Egypt. Its latest drop, ROOTED, features a diverse array of footwear, joggers, t-shirts, and suits that scream cosmopolitan globetrotter while still feeling distinctly Egyptian. 
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